SAFETYreSAFETYre is an onboard electronic system to monitor tire pressure and temperature. SAFETYre is the first aftermarket system with voice output for real time tire pressure monitoring. With this system the driver can operate his vehicle safely without worrying about the tires operating conditions. In case of under-pressure or over-temperature The driver will be informed via voice message.

Reinforced safety :
Under inflated tires are to blame for a large number of car accidents (under inflated tire = risk of overheating, tire destruction or tire skid in the rain). In 2002, more then 7500 drivers where involved in tire-related accident due to under-inflation, totaling more than 2400 injuries and 151 death (source: French national police department)

Reduced fuel consumption.
Under inflated tire = increased friction = higher fuel consumption. A tire 10% below nominal pressure increases fuel consumption by as much as 4%.

Enhanced tire tread wear and wear uniformity.
A tire that is 10% below nominal pressure can have its life reduced by as much as 30%. More specifically, the contact band of the tire loose 5% of its life time for every 0.2 bar below nominal pressure.

Installation of the system is seamless.
SAFETYre can be installed on every type of vehicle, Sedan, SUV, all wheel drive… with or without stereo system. No button or light indicator needs to be installed. Only a voice message is used to alert the driver via the car’s speakers.

Keep your hands clean at the gas station.
The system is constantly monitoring tire pressure for you, therefore the driver can rest in peace that as long as no alarm are issued, the tires are operating at optimum conditions.